Friday, June 01, 2007

Off to see Michelangelo's David...

Off to see Michelangelo's David... I hope!! I hear the lines here at the Museums are nuts. I am writing on the FREE HOSTEL INTERNET whaaa?!??!! So excited for free internet, but there is only one machine here so I can't go too nuts. Right now I am downloading my photos from my memory cards so I'll have lots of space to take tons of photos again today at the museums here in Florence.

So aparantely I've taken about 8 Gb of photos so far on this trip... about 2400 photos... in 1 MONTH!! Insane. It is so beautiful here and thus I can justify snapping photos at this alarmingly fast rate. Good times.

Well the copying is almost done, time to switch memory cards again. Man, I gotta get a Cappucino.

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