Sunday, June 03, 2007

Walk between the 5 Villages, Cinque Terre, Italy

What up! I'm still here in Florence and trying to catch up on photos from last week. Here are the pics from the BIG walk that Ans and I did on his birthday between the 5 Villages, from Riomaggiore to Manarola to Cornagilia to Vernazza and finally to Monterosso. It was SO awesome, and we made a whole day out of it. We finished at Monterosso and passed out on the beach.

During the hike we ran into Bex and her friends from Waterloo again, as well as the Canadian friends we made in Nice. Also we ran into the super awesome Montana girls several times, and after a near memory-card-almost-washed-away-by-the-meditteranean moment, we chilled out and ate some pizza for lunch. Good times!! Then we ended up in Monterosso after seeing literally a gazillion cats along the way (sweeet). Ans and I passed out on the rocks for a bit before getting soaked by a wave, and then got some dinner for Ans's birthday.

On the start of the walk

"Lover's Lane"

Foccassia for breakfast

Streets of Manarola

Manarola, classic Cinque Terre picture!!


Cool waves


Ans and I at Manarola

Meditteranean and steps

Me walking


Ans the hiking mastermind

More nice views

Small bridge

Cool plant that looked like hearts


Ans with Bex and friends and the Montana girls, Crystine, Jess and Monique


Me chillin'

Views of the mountains

Random black cat

And more random cats



Cool clouds

More cats on a roof


On the way to Vernazza


Train station

And another cat

And more

This guy was cool


Cool boats in Vernazza


Where Crystine almost lost her memory card... ahhh!!

Pizza for lunch




Crystine and Mo-Mo

Haha best picture of the day, another random cat

Sleeping kitty

Ans workin it

The girls from Toronto

Me with the girls from Toronto

Random Lemon farmer dude who set up shop as we were walking by!! It was SO funny, he put lemons in the fence hole that was cut out, put up a Milan flag, and brought out a radio and a basket of wine, lemon juice and lemoncello. We had a shot of lemoncello and a lemon juice that he freshly squeezed for us. He was trying to get us to drink Grappa too... haha so funny and random.

Fresh squeezed lemon


Monterosso, finally!!


We're there!!

The distance we hiked

Tired from the hike

Hey, look who we found here!!


Ready for dinner

Gnocci for me, Mussels for Ans

I owned this big steak

Nice night scene back in Riomaggiore

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