Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Positano and Amalfi Coast

Positano roooooooooocks. It is so out of the way, haha but man I love it. I got to Salerno from Rome and then realized that the bus to Positano was not only like 20 min like I expected... it was 2 hours!! So instead I took a boat which took only 70 minutes and I met some nice people from Milan and from Montreal and they gave me lots of advice on things to do in Positano. I think tomorrow I am going to go to Pompeii and then the next day to Capri. Sweeeeeeet!!

Tonight was awesome and I just chilled on the beach for a while and had a gelato and watched the sunset, and then took off up the hills to the hostel and talked to some nice British girls for a while and a girl from Australia. Sooo nice here and relaxed compared to Rome, so that is really good.

Leftover Gnocci and Pesto from last night's dinner for lunch, in a Nutella container

Me on the boat to Positano


Awesome views of Amalfi

Steps in Positano

Overhead flowers in Positano


Me on the beach

Chapel in Positano

More beach pics

Umbrellas on the beach


Me and the umbrellas

Where I had ice cream

Rockin' out on the beach


Nightime in Positano

Nice cat

Beautiful views on the way back up the hill to the hostel

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