Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy train trip from Annecy to Rome

Today was craaaaaaaazy. I'll post photos later when I get a chance, but yeah just a quick description of the crazy train ride from Annecy all the way to Rome.

So I saw off Matt today, he was heading off back to Paris and was excited to get going and also sad to be leaving I think. We had an awessssome time together in Annecy at the Animation Festival... thanks P. COLEMAN for the recommendation to go!!

I got a bunch of food from the supermarket and then headed to my train to Chambery, then I transferred on a train to Milano Centrale, then a transfer to Roma Termini.

So I got to Chambery and Milano ok. But I was 20 minutes late to Milano. And my transfer time for my connection to Roma was exactly 20 minutes. Crap.

I stood in line for tickets and then they sent me to customer service. I ended up getting to go on the Eurostar train to Roma which actually left 1 hour later than the train I was supposed to be on, but arrived about 30 minutes earlier in Rome. Sweet. So that was good, but since it is a Friday night all the seats are booked and the dude told me to "sit anywhere where someone else doesn't already have that seat... but probably it is all booked." I.e. I would have to stand up for 4.5 hours or just sit on the ground. So that was rough... but the dining car in the train was soooo fancy and had nice big seats!!!!!! So we sat there, I met a nice Canadian girl from Vancouver named Adena and two super nice Italians and sat there for the whole trip!!

I bought a cappucino from the dining car dude for 2 Euros and sat there for like 2 hours with it, but at 6pm they told us we had to buy the super expensive dinner or we had to leave. So Adena and I shared it, it was 29 EUROS!! But we shared, so for 15 Euros each we managed to score our own seats to Rome so that was good.

I am here in Rome now, internet is super cheap, my hostel is called "Hostel Beautiful" and haha it's actually kinda ghetto, haha. But it has a fridge and a microwave and stuff, so that rooooocks. Gotta get some ingredients for pasta and I'll be set. Off to see the Colloseum tomorrow and probably the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and so on. Awesome.

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Joel Z said...

I stayed at Hostel Beautiful for a night. It really isn't all that beautiful, but its nearby a lot of things. I recommend checking out a walking tour, it helps put everything into perspective. Oh and the pub crawls are a good time also.