Monday, June 04, 2007

Modena and Galleria Ferrari

Well now I am finally caught up on Blog Posts!! I am now in Modena and it is VERY small and tiny compared to Florence!! Hilariously different actually. The pace is MUCH slower here which is actually really good after schlepping around Florence for the past few days. Anyhoo... got some nice canneloni and a coffee shake last night and today I went to the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello... right outside the actual freakin' FERRARI FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane. It was SOOOOOOOOOO cool. I took like a gazillion photos (of course)... here we go.

Holocaust Memorial

Interesting memorial in Modena

Sarah "Cappellini", this one is for you

Grande Piazza in Modena

Nice parks

Little train going around the park

Siiiiiick Ferrari

Damien Rice is plaing here?? Sweet! Now when is the 18th of Lugloio?!

Cool graffiti


Sweet view of the Piazza from where I had dinner

Canneloni and a Cafe Shakerato!


Taking a tip from the Montana girls, I got ANOTHER Gelato!!

Ferrari Factory!!!!!!!!!!!!

60th Anniversary of Ferrari


F1 cars

Ferrari engine

Ferrari car from 1952

Newer F1 cars


ONE OF A KIND Ferrari, the only one like this ever built

2002 Ferrari Enzo

Front of the Enzo

Sooooooo cool

Ferrari logo and grill

Bad ass Testarossa from 1995

1995 Testarossa

Me lovin' the Ferraris

1951 Ferrari

Lunch, thankfully not as expensive as buying a Ferrari

Ferrari factory workers going for lunch

Front door of Galleria Ferrari

Ferrari store where I bought a sick shirt and got a free lanyard

Me at the gates to the Ferrari Factory

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jared said...

umm, HEY Mike!

This is Jared from back when we were Pixar interns. So, I put "Testarossa Logo" into google image search and somehow, somehow I ended up on your blog! It's really weirding me out right now. So I figured since fate had seen fit to do that I would say hi and see what you're up to. Feel free to hit me back at and stay cool my Canadian, Jewish, Dave Matthews Band and fun loving friend.