Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lamborghini Factory and Museum

Today was soooooooo awesome, maybe one of the best days of my trip so far!! I went to Sant-Agata Bolognese, the tiny town in the middle of nowhere that just happens to have the LAMBORGHINI FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought a ton of cool things at the store and then wandered around until the tour started. We toured around the amazing cars and so on... and then we got to go INTO THE FACTORY!!!!!!!!! It was SOOO amazing. It was confidential so we couldn't take photos inside the factory, but man it was cool. It is amazing to see a car factory where everything is handmade, they even handmake the leather seats!! Sooooooooooo amazing. What a cool visit inside the factory and the store and the cars were JUST SO AWESOME. I've loved these for quite some time so man it was awesome to see the place where they are made. They are now owned by Audi and they make only 2 kinds of cars now, the Gallardo and the Murcielago. Soooooooooooo awesome.

When I left I ran into some really nice random people from Sant-Agata Bolognese who were pretty excited about the fact that I was sooo foreign to them. Good times. I don't have time to caption these pics but you should get the idea. I went to the Lamborghini FACTORY. And it was freakin' TOTALLY AWESOME.

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