Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arrested Development, Office Decorations

Today at work was AWESOME, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man it is exciting to work at ILM, it is soooooooooooooooooooo cool and I love what I am doing. It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! My apartment is also totally SWEET and I am finally getting a little more comfortable here now that I finally have my bed to sleep on.

Looks like I still need some other stuff, like curtains, a DVD rack, a shelf thing for my papers and receipts and stuff, but otherwise not too much. It's nice to be getting more settled now.

Actually the coolest part is that I have finally started to decorate my cube at work, I put up a HUGE Canadian flag yesterday, and I've got some toys there already. I am going to start taking in lots more toys tomorrow and really setting up my office nicely!! I have to get some pictures and posters and so on up soon too. Good times!!!!!!!

For now... back to unpacking. I've been watching Arrested Development Season 2 like all night. I gotta get back to this unpacking. At least another box unpacked tonight. We'll see how it goes. This weekend?? Well, I'm going to help Kevin move from Emeryville to Walnut Creek on Saturday, and that means chillin' with Jake and Frank and other related awesome homeys too, so that's always good. Figure I'll have the housewarming party here next weekend instead cause I still have boxes everywhere and need to unpack some more first.

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