Friday, August 17, 2007

Bowling, Harry Potter 5 shirt!!!!!!!

Today was awesome, again!!!!!!!! No surprises there.

Work was awesome and I got a ton of stuff done. I am really getting into it now and it rooooocks. Today the weather was absolutely amazing, so I went with Matt to this Italian Deli in The Marina and got some good food there. We ate it by the Palace of Fine Arts, and I told Matt it was basically the same as being in Europe, just people weren't drinking beer outside with their lunch. :)

I got an AMMMMMMMMAZZZZZZZZZING Harry Potter 5 Crew shirt today!!!!!!!!!!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool. Check it out.

Harry Potter 5 shirt

Sweet. So that rocks the house. After work I went out to go Bowling with a bunch of people from work. Someone is leaving to move to another company so we all went Bowling. It was really fun to see a bunch of people from work and hang out. Good stuff.

Now I think I better spend some time unpacking. My bed comes tomorrow, and I am so excited to turn the futon into my actual couch, and to have a real bed finally!!!!!! Also tomorrow I should probably get some Blue Bottle Coffee Company coffee beans and do a bunch of unpacking.

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