Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Visiting Big Rock Ranch

Yes, it is just as amazing as you might expect.

I went up for lunch today, met my buddy Frank who works there, and got some awesome latte from this crazy automatic latte machine. Big Rock Ranch is one of the two ranches north of San Francisco where Lucasfilm runs some of the divisions. It was great to hang out with Frank and man... it is awesome there. I'm going to Skywalker Ranch this week too, and I'll ask if I can take photos, but I doubt it. It's pretty important for there to be hefty security there, and I wouldn't want to post anything I'm not supposed to post online. But anyway, suffice it to say... it is absolutely beautiful there. I sat on a little porch there, admiring the sun and the mountains, and having a fantastic day.

So as well as getting to check out Big Rock Ranch today, I also got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time ever!! It was great, and the traffic wasn't too crazy or anything. Awesome times.

I don't think it was possible to take photos today, and I didn't ask. But here's a photo I found online of someone on the biking trails in the Big Rock area of northern San Francisco, man it sure was awesome.

Big Rock trails

Work totally rocked today. What an awesome day. This evening I chatted on the phone a lot, got some more groceries, and read a bunch more of Harry Potter. Good times!

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