Monday, August 20, 2007

Lots of things to do, Grand Canyon/Red Rocks climbing trip

So I'm still up at 2am again, I've really got a lot of stuff to do.

Tonight I called PG&E and finally moved my electricity bill over to my name from the Realtor which is necessary so they don't cut off my electricity. That would not be so good. Anyhoo so that's sorted. Then I emailed like 100 people.

So it's official. I am going to Las Vegas and, specifically, to Red Rocks to do some bouldering over the Christmas break with JG!! That rocks. (haha, no pun intended) I'll be checking out Vegas as well for the first time which is cool, seeing some cool shows and also taking a Day Trip to the Grand Canyon and staying there overnight, which is ALSO going to rock. Coolest part about this? It's actually over Christmas Day! Now, as a Jewish guy on Christmas Day, my day is usually full of fun stereotypical events like going to a movie and eating Chinese food. But this time I'll be driving back to Vegas from a glorious day and a half at the Grand Canyon, and staying overnight in a fancy hotel and seeing a cool show, and (if I end up playing some small, cheap tables in Vegas), not losing more than $50. :) Anyway, it's going to be freakin' awesome.

After this trip I will hopefully have enough money saved up to come back to Canada for a week, should be most likely that I'll head back home for a week which would be great, and hopefully spend some time in Toronto for New Years again, which was awesome last year.

Ok so that rocks. With all this on my mind, I am also thinking about a bazillion other things I need to do. I unpacked a lot of stuff tonight, and also checked on Joel's blog to see how he is doing. My friend Yaron is coming up this week to start at Google which ROCKS. I am excited to have more friends in the area. It's still going to be a little while until I sort out my apartment fully and can spend my weekends totally relaxing and enjoying the weekend rather than thinking about all the stuff I need to do. This weekend was pretty good though, chilled out with Ruth and then Frank and his friends today, that was good.

I want to change my website and make it cooler. Also I've got to replace that Mike Wazowski with a Lightsaber. (Sorry Pixar homeys, it's gotta be done!) :) Don't worry, swapping out this graphic doesn't change the fact that Monsters Inc is still the greatest film of all time. :)

I met a dude on the BART today who recognized me from Siggraph and is a student in San Francisco and freelance artist, and we chatted about general movie stuff. He said he lives near the park and we should go biking. Haha awesome. So I totally made a new friend on the BART. Hooray!!

I am slowly getting my place more put-together and organized. There is a ton of work left to do. But man I am sure glad I finally have a bed!!!!!!!! Ok that's it for now.

I want to change my website to have a "Best of Europe 2007" Photo section. It is going to take ages to go through my 4500 photos. But I want to select maybe 20 or 30 of the best photos of the entire trip. I am going to print them too and put them up around my apartment to decorate or at work. Also I'll post them online in full-res if anyone reading this wants copies as well.

It is also super cool that I've got a couple of guests who might be coming in November, so I am glad by then I will be waaaaaaaay more sorted out than I am now, and actually everything will be running quite smoothly. I might even have a TV and a Vacuum Cleaner by then!! I sure hope so!! :)

An SLR Camera is going to be my next major purchase once I pay for my bed and continue to pay off my "tab" to my parents from all the extra money I spent on my Europe trip. I want to get that before going to the Grand Canyon since I think that deserves a nice camera!! Also... I should probably take a Photography class at work so I don't put my glorious new SLR on "Auto" and use it like a regular camera. :)

Ok time for bed. Hope you are all doing well and for my friends moving to California, send me an email when you get here and we'll hang out. Party at my place! Well... as soon as I get these boxes out of here and my laundry into my new dresser, then I'll have some floor space to hang out.

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Joel Z said...

You do realize you could have just made a post in response to my post? That would have been more realistic but would have competed with you posting 4 times in a day. You're crazy.
I'll have to hit up SF/you hit up NY. For 149 that's cheaper than <insert joke about your mother>