Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stuff from Canada, Pixar toy recall

Today my stuff from Canada arrived. This is great and now I can finally start unpacking a ton of stuff!! Good times. Glad to have it all here now and I am excited for getting some recording on and spending lots of evenings rockin' out on my guitars!!!!! Yes!!

Anyway that is great, and work was so totally super awesome again today. Man I love that place!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am starting to get to know my coworkers too and they are all really awesome and nice and brilliant. Tomorrow I get to go to the Skywalker Ranch which is actually something I've wanted to do since I was 10 years old!!!!!!

So yes, exciting times.

But also... man crazy news today about some of the Mattel Pixar Cars toys. I have every single one (obviously), and today they announced a recall of some of the "Sarge" cars only, bought between certain times. Turns out they have lead paint in them. Ahh!! This is very very concerning for parents, obviously, and thankfully I am not a small child who would put the cars toys in my mouth! Man this is nuts. I can imagine parents must be really angry about this.

I am not sure if the "Sarge" car I have is in the recall or not, so I'll have to check. But anyway, that is pretty crazy.

Here's some news about the recall.

That is nuts.

Here are a couple photos of my stuff getting delivered today.

The moving truck arriving

Huge pile of stuff from Canada!!

Oh yeah and I've been reading Harry Potter a bunch more and I only have a few chapters left to go. It is SO awesome.

I've been ZipCar-ing like a madman lately, every day for 3 days so far! I drove a Prius on Sunday, a Mazda 3 to Big Rock Ranch yesterday, and a Nissan Versa back to my apartment today to be here when my stuff arrived! So it is working quite well and I am enjoying the ability to get a ZipCar with like 2 minutes notice. That is really helpful when you need it!


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