Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vince and my Waterloo homeboys

This weekend was awesome.

Saturday I got up early and went to Emeryville to help Kevin move to Walnut Creek. That worked out well and we all had a great time and Kevin's new place rocks. Then we drove around a bunch and a got a shirt at Macy's on sale. Then we went to Berkeley and got some Zachary's Pizza which was awesome as usual. Then... we went to a cool bar and hung out there for a bit and then found the "Unofficial Beastie Boys Afterparty", which was at a hip hop club on Telegraph and it was intense!!!!!!! There were live DJs for hours and it was so awesome, sweet sweet hip hop and I totally busted a move for quite some time. It roooocked.

Sunday I got up at like 1pm and then called Vince, who is an old friend/co-worker from Alias in Toronto. He is here visiting some friends, so we hung out and got some coffee at Cafe Trieste in North Beach. Then we bussed back to my apartment to meet my Waterloo homeys!! A whole bunch of guys showed up, they've all moved here to work at Google!! Awesome. So we hung around for a while, and then headed out for some Margheritas and random Mexican food.

Hey Norm, I used the frying pan you sent me!!

Vince at Cafe Trieste

Chillin' at Cafe Trieste

On the rooftops

Waterloo homeboys

Waterloo representin' San Francisco!!!!!!

And more randomness

Cool light at the Mexican restaurant

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