Friday, August 31, 2007

Jansen is here!!!!!!!

So tonight was awesome, my buddy Jansen Sullivan, legend of OSSSA, 6 foot 5 Chinese Irish Canadian, and champion of basically everything from Physics to Breakdancing to chugging Guinness to traveling Australia to just being a fiend... is here is San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jansen is here with the Asian volleyball team he coaches and so he is here for a tournament this weekend. I met him at his hotel and we hit up some In N' Out Burger, and then got some other random food and chilled out and chatted for like a good, solid 4 hours. Turns out we actually haven't hung out since when I LIVED IN TORONTO, which would have been December, 2004?!??!! That is insane. So it's been like 2 and a half years since I've seen the guy. That's nuts.

Anyway it was totally awesome to hang out and catch up on everything, and man that was awesome. I'm going to give Jansen and his buddy Fred a tour of LucasFilm tomorrow and they are pretty excited for that. I think Jansen can come to my party on the weekend too so that also rocks. Man, so many people are visiting San Francisco lately, this is awesome!! Great to have some of my Waterloo homeys up here now too.

Getting some ice

Streets in Fisherman's Wharf area

Awesome moon tonight

Haha, Jansen trying to plug in the fridge

Worrrrrrrd!! Haha there are so many old photos of this exact same pose, we just have different haircuts and are wearing different clothes, haha.

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