Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Organizing stuff

Well I did my laundry and then spent the entire evening unpacking stuff, washing plates and cutlery and kitchen stuff, drying everything and putting it away, cleaning the junk off my floor, throwing out packaging and setting up my desk, and more.

Well it was definitely worth it. I am soooooo much more organized and set up now, and it's really nice to finally have the desk.

Hey, my room is clean!!

Nicely set up with the desk and chair

Nice desk, eh?!

Lots of cool stuff, Radioactive Man comic, nice envelope filing thing, Coca Cola jukebox money bank

Nice San Francisco card and my ILM business card holder for Siggraph

Nice setup in the kitchen, dish rack, microwave, towel rack

Nice glasses, Coke glasses and Pyrex measuring container

Cupboards finally set up well, Henkels knife holder, wine bottles from my neighbour, serving dish, other cool stuff

I now have dish cloths and towels!!

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