Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More unpacking

Tonight I did the usual, biked home from work, chatted with my parents, called Alex, bought some groceries, got some indian food, listened to Dave Matthews for a while, and unpacked a bazillion more things!!

I am in the stage now of needing to sort out small things, papers, posters, toys, and so on. That is cool, but that stuff takes ages. I sorted out and stored away all my clothes today, so that was great. But yeah, this kind of small detail stuff does take a while. So I took the opportunity to re-arrange my room after chucking out a bunch of the empty boxes. I moved my bed around again so it is not completely blocking the entrance to the walk-in closet, and put a small table beside my bed with an alarm clock and lamp on. So that is great.

Got a bunch more stuff organized and realized I need a whiteboard and a filing cabinet or drawers thing. And also curtains. I should add this stuff to the list. :)

Anyway here's some sweet photos.

New bed and other stuff

Walk-in closet sorted out

Table near bed

Bookshelf mostly set up, lots of boxes still to do!!

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