Saturday, August 11, 2007

New phone, towels, clothes holder

After getting my sweeeeeeet new bike today, I took off downtown and got a bunch of stuff. I went to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and confirmed that they all suck for calling Canada.

So then I went to Metro PCS as expected and bought a sweeeeet new phone, a Nokia like my other one but with some nicer features and a bigger, colour screen. So that rocks. Anyway it's a great plan, $40 a month for unlimited calls to anywhere in the USA, any time of the day. Also Call ID and Voicemail and unlimited texting. Excellent. The key is that calls from Skype and from Canada are FREE, any time of the day!! So that is great. None of this "evenings and weekends" which only start at 9pm PST (which is Midnight EST and everyone is already asleep), so that is great.

So calling Canada is actually a decent rate, it's only 2 cents a minute, so finally I'll stop paying like a madman for calls home. Fantastic.

So, Canadian friends, you can now call me like crazy and I won't pay a cent (I won't, I tells ya!!!!!!!!) Sweet. Let me know if you want my new number.

Ok I also went back to my favourite home/bath store (that's right, Macy's) and got a Martha Stewart towel (haha) it was nice and soft. Also finnaaaally got a toilet bowl contour rug, man I've been needing that!! Haha my floor is cold!! Anyway good times. While I was there I got a matching... wait for it... toilet bowl cover. Haha. I went to The Container Store too and got some pins for my new bulletin board and a hanging canvas clothing holder, sortof a hanging chest of drawers. It's excellent and totally what I need so I can finally stop living out of the suitcase. I went to the Ferry Building too for some coffee, dessert, sourdough bread and cheese.

Tonight I got back and Matt called me to test the Canadian receiving awesomeness of my new phone. I made a Caprese Salad (sweet) and it rocked. I gotta get some basil (or is it dill, I don't know) cause it'll be better with that. Tomorrow I might drive up to see Frank in San Rafael, or otherwise just hang out and maybe go to a garage sale or two and also have fun on my bike and unpack and sort out some more stuff.

My new phone

Rugs and other stuff

Caprese Salad for dinner, made of tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It rocks!!

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