Sunday, August 19, 2007

Food in Marin, Superbad, Auto Show

I went up to Marin today with Kevin to meet Frank and Jess and a bunch of the new Pixar Interns from A&M. Good times. We had some great breakfast, and then headed over to a nice outdoor auto show!! Then we went to see the movie "Superbad", which I wasn't sure about, but it turned out to be absolutely hilarious. It was definitely a certain type of humour, but all of us seemed to laugh pretty hard. It was pretty crazy and the young actor is from Arrested Development, and he was just awesome on that show, and did a great job in the movie. Good stuff!!

Anyway it was great to see everyone, and this evening I've been unpacking more stuff. I finally unpacked my breakables, and the movers DID NOT break my prized Pixar limited-edition wine glasses, wahoo!!!!!!!! Also all my other glass stuff and wine glasses all arrived in perfect condition. Now I am listening to the Dave Matthews CD and it rocks.

Breakfast at Marvin's in Novato, California

Mmm... French Toast

Hey, it's the Autodesk San Rafael headquarters!!

Car show

Wahoo, check out that major sponsor!! Whhaat uppppppppp!!!!!!!

Sweet paint and my reflection in the car

Awesome 57 Chevy

I wannnt thhhat

Crazy boat

Nice paint job on boat

Haha random chickens driving a car

Another sweet paint job

Fuzzy Dice!!

More fuzzy dice!!

Cool Shelby Cobra

Nice license plate

Sweet drive in food holder

I got ice cream here

Lizzie from Cars (sortof) haha

Sweet Ferrari

Looks like Sheriff from Cars

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