Friday, August 17, 2007

Sushi Night, Unpacking

Well a lot of posts tonight eh?!

Just went for Sushi with Matt and his girlfriend Miriam and her friend Frances to a really awesome sushi place near downtown on Market St. It was REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY good. It took ages to get our table since it's a very small place, but we chatted and that was awesome, and the food was SO good. Miriam and Frances roooock too and it's nice that I am starting to meet some more people out here!

I am thinking about some cool stuff I want to get once I finally get the rest of the stuff that I actually need. First on the list is going to be a Canon Digital SLR camera. I think I want to get the Rebel XT or the Rebel XTi. Also I want to get a Mini-Mixer to connect my guitars and new condenser Mic to, so I can have better and higher quality recordings of me rockin' out. Good stuff. Kinda want to eventually get a new Didgeridoo, a Surfboard, maybe some Bongos, and maybe I'll get back into playing the Saxophone. Crazy!! Haha yeah so those are longer term things. First off, I gotta pay for my bed that's arriving on Saturday. Sweet! Also gotta get some Blue Bottle Coffee Co coffee beans. Probably the best coffee in the history of mankind. I gotta make some at home and see if it rocks as much as when they make it for me at the Ferry Building market.

All my stuff from Canada

Starting to unpack the guitars

Haha this crazy wardrobe box

Matt, Miriam and Frances

Getting ready for some foooood

Miriam and Matt rockin' some Sushi

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