Friday, August 10, 2007

Siggraph 2007 - Thursday

Today we got up early and headed to Siggraph for 8:30 as Pixar was presenting a bazillion things today. I got there for Patrick Coleman's talk on slicing food in Ratatouille. This was cool cause he was sitting beside me when I was at Pixar and I always got to see his crazy work and what he was up to.

After a bunch of Pixar sketches on rendering fur in Ratatouille, cloth simulation, water particles, water effects in the rapids sequence in Ratatouille, and a bunch of other cool stuff, I went to the ILM and LucasArts Film and Game Convergence lecture and watched about half of that. Then I had to run back to the Pixar room so I could see John Reich's talk. That was awesome and he did a great job.

We went for lunch later on and then headed back to the hotel before I headed back to the airport and now back to San Francisco.

On the way to Siggraph

Jon presenting his talk

John again

Paul on the big screen

Cool 3D Hologram viewer that was in the "Emerging Technologies" section

Hey, it's Jim Blinn!!!!

GasLamp sign again

Awesome picture of Jake and I

Another fantastic photo

Out for lunch

Our hotel

Hilarious and awesome Autodesk/ILM poster!!

Renderman Teapot container

Renderman Teapot upen up


Teapot and tin carrying case

AMAZING Maya shirt!! Also another Maya shirt and the Star Wars shirt I won

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