Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chillin' with Frank, New Desk, Business Cards!!

Last night Frank and Jess came over to my house and we hung out here for a bit and then went to get Indian Food, good times!! Today Frank came back into the city and we did a bunch of necessary stuff. I went to the post office and a hardware store and a bunch of other random places, getting a few things we needed. We went to Best Buy and I bought a router and a DVD player, great deal and they should be pretty sweet.

During this we had a MAJOR runaround from the dude I was supposed to get the desk, TV and desk chair from. His roommate was supposed to be there and just totally buggered us around. Then called back and said he would be there, and then again called us at the last minute saying there was too much traffic. So that was a massive schlep and we didn't get the desk, TV or the desk chair on the day that I had access to Frank's truck and his help. So that was a pain. But I emailed around like crazy to the other people that had the same desk... and 20 min later one of the people called me, and we went right over there, he had it already taken apart for us, and $60 later I had my desk!! Sweet!!!!!!!!! It is in perfect condition and I've been wanting this Ikea "Jerker" desk for SO LONG!! It is sooooooooo nice and finally I have a nice big desk for all my stuff. This rocks!!

So after the schlep we still managed to get the thing that I really needed Frank's help with - the desk!! So that is great. We got back here and he helped me put it together too.... what a great friend. After that we went to meet Jess and some of the newer Pixar interns and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was your usual kind of suspense action movie, but man it was filmed pretty excitingly and cool story and good acting, and lots of crazy fight scenes and car chases. Good stuff!!

Oh yeah!! I forgot to mention the main thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got ILM BUSINESS CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been so excited for the day when I am finally full-time at a company and I get business cards!! Man it is sooooooooooooooo cool. Here are pictures of the business cards and of a bunch of other things we've been doing lately!! Hehe sorry I had to blur out the address/phone numbers on the business cards (just to be safe) - if you want to stalk me though please feel free to send me emails. Better than calling me and then hanging up, so I figure I won't leave my business phone number on here, hehe. :)

Frank and Jess in my apartment

Frank at the Indian restaurant

Workin' it in my new LucasFilm zip-up!!

My new Desk!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new Router and DVD Player, sweet!!!!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILM Business Cards!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!??!!!

This is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was really nice, a lady from upstairs in my building came by to welcome me to the apartment building, and brought me 2 bottles of wine!! Amazing!!

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