Monday, August 06, 2007

I have a desk chair and a sweet microphone!!

Thanks to the awesomeness of Craigslist I now have a desk... AND a desk chair!! I also managed to get a whole bunch of other awesome stuff, this is just fantastic.

Today I went to this dude's house, he is moving overseas and so he is selling off a ton of stuff. I got the same Ikea chair I wanted for $20 which is sweet, cause new is is like $80. Nice. And it's already put together, so I piled on all the stuff I bought from this dude and wheeled it home to my apartment!!

I also got... about 20 plastic coathangers, bunny ears for my eventual TV, a nice Monster Cable brand cable, 2 guitar patch cords, a garlic press, lots of paper and pens and pen holders and staples and notebooks, some other random stuff... and an MXL V63M Condenser Mic with a Mic stand!! This is actually really cool, I didn't know the details but the guy seemed nice so I took his word for it. The Mic stand (and Mic cage) plus the Mic he gave me for $30... turns out the Mic new is like $60-$100. Original list is like $349, but the company seems to be selling it for about $69, so not bad. Sweet. Anyway it is actually really fancy, and I've been meaning to get a nicer Microphone for recording guitar onto my laptop, and so here we are!! It seems very nice and looks like MXL is actually made by Marshall Electronics, who make some of the best guitar amps you can get. So that is really cool!!

So that is all very exciting. Also all of this only came to $60 so I think I did pretty well. Haha I love how every blog post lately is talking about the random stuff I just bought, and how good of a deal I just got. Haha.

Well now I am waiting on my laundry and also cleaning up and washing all of this new kitchen stuff I got. I have to spend a bunch of time on stuff like this still before my place will be more livable but it's coming along. Taking a while, but I'm getting more organized every day.

Today I went for lunch and coffee with Matt Parrott and his girlfriend Miriam, and her friend Francis. We went to their house a few weeks ago and they were very nice, and they rock. They were so happy to hang out with us and we had an awesome time. Also I gave them my business card cause I have business cards now!!!!!!!!! haha how awesome!!!!!!!

Today was a bit of a landmark day for another reason too!! I got my first bill/commercial mail sent to my new address here in San Francisco, and today is the first day I officially submitted something to the LucasFilm codebase!! So, as of today, I have now officially added to the software used at LucasFilm for creating movies. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hehe so yes, work is awesome. It's a little quiet this week because Siggraph is on right now, the big awesome Graphics conference.

Anyway, I should get back to my cleanup in the kitchen and then go check on my laundry.

Hangers, juice jug, cables, chair, Mic stand

Mic and other stuff

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