Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ferry Building awesomeness with Ruth

Yesterday was sweet. I FINALLY got my bed. So I've graduated from sleeping on the Futon to a real bed!!!!!!!! Yes, it is AWESOME. I am so happy to have a real bed to sleep on. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!

Ok so after getting the bed delivered I took off downtown to go to the Ferry Building for the necessary Blue Bottle Coffee Company coffee and bread, cheese and fruit. Ruth from Pixar (the brilliant Cambridge English major that she is), met me downtown and it was awesome, and she'd never actually been to the Ferry Building!!!! So I was excited to share my San Francisco "secret Saturday event" with Ruth... although it wasn't very secret!! It was REALLY busy, but we got a bunch of food and then took off to a quieter area cause it was a bit more nuts than usual. Got some fantastic peaches and grapes too. Also, I bought Blue Bottle Coffee beans for the first time ever! We'll see how we do on those. Seems exciting and potentially awesome, so looking forward to brewin' those up.

Chillin' at the Bay

An artistic shot? Or just Ruth's feet? You decide.

Up at Citizen Cupcake on the top of the Virgin Music Store in downtown San Francisco, feeling very "hip"

Awesome interior of the downtown mall

Pretty awesome inside the downtown mall

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