Saturday, August 11, 2007

Got my new bike!!!!!!!

This is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my new bike today... Gary Fisher Tassajara, 27 speed, totally awesome. I waited an extra week so I could get the red one with yellow flames rather than the yellow one with black checkerboards on it. This one ROCKS.

Anyhoo I bought a TON of other stuff with it...
  • San Francisco Bike Map
  • Headland Quickslide removable front fender
  • Headland Backslide removable back fender
  • Topeak White flashing front light
  • Cateye Rear Superbright rear light
  • Jandd Mini Mountain wedge black saddle bag
  • Topeak Peak MB DX Pump with built-in multi connections for different types of wheels
  • Roaring Mouse Cycles bottle and connection with pump
  • Connection of my Kryptonite lock to the bike
  • Park AWS-10 Folding Metric Hex Set
  • 3rd Eye Bar End Mirror
  • Aardvark Velcro trouser snaps
  • Bell Slant Matt Carbon/Black Helmet with Visor
  • Pearl Pittards Carbon leather glove
  • Dimension Black bell
  • Terry Men's Cite Gel Black saddle
The bike was $659 which was a great price, and with all the extras it came to just over $1000 with tax. Great deal and what a beautiful bike. When you think about it, it's WAY cheaper than buying a car... and I've got ZipCar now in San Francisco for the occasions when I really need a car, and I can pay per hour for that without worrying about parking overnight etc. Fantastic.

I was going to go straight downtown to get my new cell phone but instead I couldn't think of doing anything else other than taking the bike for a spin in Golden Gate Park. It is AWESOME!!!!!!!! There are some intense hills there too with lots of roots and tree stumps and stuff so I tried one of the hills and it was a bit nuts but AWESOME!! So I am going to really make good use out of the bike and of the biking trails in Golden Gate Park and the Presidio and all around here. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man this rocks. But I gotta get downtown and look for a phone, so here are some pics.

My new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 gears on the front, 9 on the back

Saddle bag, removable fender, back light

New Gel seat

Bike lock connection, bottle holder and pump holder

Front shocks, front removable fender, front light

Shocks, fender and Avid brakes

Nice connection for the bike pump to the bottle holder

Front light and shocks that you can "lock out"

Me in my new helmet and gloves with my AWESOME BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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