Monday, August 20, 2007

Digital SLR camera, more unpacking, books

Sweet deals. I was looking around and found the Canon Digital Rebel XTi Camera for about $700. That is a great deal, it's 10 Megapixels, and can take rapid-fire camera shots at 3 per second! That is sweet. I'd probably get that with a 4 GB Sandisk Extreme III card. Pretty awesome stuff.

I have been thinking about the camera since I've just been discussing travels plans for Vegas and the Grand Canyon in December, so it'll be good to get that before then, but probably I can't get it for quite a while. At the moment I'm still in the purchasing mode for necessities, though that is almost done. I'll still get a TV and TV stand, but otherwise I've got most of the essentials now. Maybe another area rug, but I can get that from Craigslist too. Oh yes, and I also need a Vacuum Cleaner. Other than that I am mostly set now for necessities, so that is good.

A lot more unpacking tonight. I got most of my books onto the huge bookshelf!! That is great, and man I have a lot of books. It's fun to finally have enough space to get them all on one shelf and also to organize them by type (Art, Math, Maya, Computer Science, Science, Business, Harry Potter... etc!) Good times.

Alex just suggested an external Hard Drive. I notice there is a 500 Gb external drive online, it's 7200 RPM too, and it's only $200?! So that is a pretty decent price. I'd probably get a smaller one, maybe 250 Gb but it would be nice to have some more space. Especially with all these bazillions of photos I am taking all the time! But yes, this is another one of those "not yet" purchases. I have lots of other stuff still to take care of before I start buying too much other stuff.

I gotta get some major decorations going at work. It's pretty chill there right now. I need some major christmas lights, maybe the disco ball, and a bazillion toys. Oh yeah and my huge Canadian flag. I need to do some major decorating over the next little while, my office area is still pretty plain, and I gotta make it awesome asap. :)

Ok back to more unpacking and listening to the Dave Matthews CD again!

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Joel Z said...

It may be more worthwhile/cheaper to get a normal hard drive and then get an enclosure. Normally you can save a good amount, cause manufacturers insanely bump up the price of external hard drives. Check out