Friday, August 24, 2007

Europe, England, old friends

So I randomly logged into my old Yahoo Mail account, which I do once or twice a year just to make sure there is nothing important there. Turns out there were a few Facebook invites from some really awesome old friends. I added them, and then really started to get into it. Man, how cool is Facebook?!

Anyhoo, ran into some really awesome old friends on there, and that just rocks. Then saw a bunch of photos from my recent Europe trip and thought a lot about how awesome it was.

So it's 2:45am, I'm still up, I have work tomorrow of course, and I didn't really do all that much unpacking. But I did add a lot of awesome people to Facebook. So the night isn't wasted!! :)

Anyway, great times. I sure miss a lot of those cool people. But maybe they can come visit me in San Francisco some day. :) It's a bit strange to run into old friends that you haven't talked to in so long... it's kinda weird and sortof sad really. It makes you want to keep in touch with old friends better. But it's really hard when you're in a new place to keep in touch with old friends... those people who are really really important to me, I'm trying hard to keep in touch, even if it's just a message or email every little while. Hopefully the blog is good for keeping in touch as well, it's only one-way, but if old friends want to keep up with what I'm up to, it's pretty good for that.

Long evening of thinking about awesome days in Europe and when I lived in England.

Oh... you know why I started thinking about all of this tonight?
I was unpacking and came across some love letters that I sent back and forth to my first girlfriend Monica Owens, from Johnson City, Tennessee. :) We met in Oxford, England when we were both at school there together, when I was in Grade 7. How funny. I found a bunch of the old notes we wrote each other, and it was really cute. Good stuff.

I'm so excited by all these old memories, no wonder I'm still up at 3am. :)

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