Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barack Obama wins Democratic Nomination


Months and months and months after the race started, Barack Obama has finally won the Democratic Nomination. Now he will continue on the campaign trail towards a win in November!!!!!!!

I stick to my initial comments in my Blog Post entitled (seriously) "Barack Obama is awesome", from January 29, 2007 - about a year and a half ago.
"Well I've only seen him speak twice on TV. But I really think this guy could change the world... I think the polls say at the moment that he has a good chance of becoming the head of the Democratic Party and then he would be running against the Republican candidate next November for President... What a change this would be to America's world opinion... Let's hope everyone is smart enough to vote for him."
Also check out a post I made nearly a year later, on January 22, 2008, entitled "An Open Letter to the American Voting Public... from a Canadian".

This is a momentous day in the history of the United States. Now let's hope that the American Public pulls together and makes the proper choice in November by voting for Barack Obama.

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