Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends visiting

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. I kept planning to spend some time in my apartment, just chillin' out and getting ready for my trip to South Africa... and instead I spent most of the weekend running around the city and doing lots of exciting stuff. Awesome times.

My buddy Jansen from Toronto came in last week for contract work he was doing in the Bay Area!! That was awesome, and totally sweet to hang out and get some food and catch up. Pretty fantastic stuff. We partied at Sarah's house on Thursday night, and it also rocked.

Friday night Matt and I got some food, chilled out in the Marina, and walked across the city to Ghirardelli Square, got some ice cream, and then went downtown to find a book Matt needed. Then back to Ocean Beach to meet Brian and some of the Creature TDs for a bonfire followed by some late night Mel's Drive In food.

Jansen at my computer!!!!

Amazing clouds downtown on Saturday at the Ferry Building

Me and Gattabet at the Ferry Building


Then we ran into Jess and Katherine!!

More awesome Wall-E posters

Cool travel adapter I finally got for all of this crazy world traveling :)

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