Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge

The next day my parents went on a tour of the city and I had a long day at work.

The day after we went to work together on the bus and then my parents wandered around the Presidio while I did some work. After that we got a rental car and drove to Skywalker Ranch! It was fantastic as usual - I love that place!! The food was great and it was a very pleasant and fantastic drive as always.

And then there was the trip back to San Francisco. :) So we were most of the way back, about 2 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, and traffic was COMPLETELY stopped. We ended up turning off the car with the other 4 lanes of traffic.

Turns out there was a huge accident right on the Golden Gate Bridge and it stopped traffic in both directions, 4 lanes of traffic, for 2 hours. Crazy. So we got out of the car and made the most of it by wandering around and chatting to some people and taking some photos.

Me exhausted from all the running around

On the bus on the way to work

Giving Dad his birthday present, some new Gore-Tex Gloves

Awesome Wall-E poster! I UV Mapped that garbage cube!!!!!!!

Another Wall-E Poster

Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge

Waiting in traffic, looking at my watch

Traffic stopped completely

Car stopped for miles

Standing on the highway

Julien and I at Rulli's after work

New decorations at my apartment - awards from elementary school, and a cool Dave Matthews poster

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