Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wall-E - HUGE reviews and opening!!

I am in South Africa, but I just had to find out.

Looks like Wall-E opened in USA Box Offices this weekend at $62.5 Million, a fantastic opening by many standards.

Even more importantly, the reviews are amazing. It's sitting at a 96% (97% from the Top Critics) on, and the reviews are just unbelievable. Some people called it Pixar's best film to date. Everyone talked about the attention to detail, the subtle messages mixed with the beautiful visuals... it is so AMAZING that I got to work on this project with such talented and dedicated people.

Check out some of these reviews:

"Though perfection in film is a highly unlikely proposition, WALL-E indeed has become 2008's first perfect film and one of the best Pixar projects of all time. "

"It is a story about love and loneliness, perseverance and triumph, the possibilities and pitfalls of human existence. That this story is told by way of the exploits of a tiny, faceless robot only makes it more extraordinary."

"I think Wall-E is a masterpiece. The folks at Pixar never rest on their laurels. They continue to push the limits of both computer animation and the storytelling possibilities that accompany it."

"WALL-E is Pixar's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial or its Pinocchio: an archetypal fable about loneliness simple enough -- yet deep enough -- to instantly captivate anyone who sees it."

"It works; this is Pixar's most enthralling entertainment since Nemo."

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