Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mt. Tam, Berkeley and House of Nan King

On the Sunday we drove to Mt. Tam and went for a nice hike there. Then we went to Toys R Us in San Rafael, and then went to meet Frank and Jess. Then off to Berkeley where we went to the North Face Outlet store. The back to San Francisco to drop off the car and go to House of Nan King for dinner!!

Dad and I on the way to Mt. Tam

Mom and Dad laughing about the Prairie Dog we just saw

Dad and I at Mt. Tam having breakfast

Dad and I at the Mt. Tam lookout 1

Dad and I at the Mt. Tam lookout 2

Mom and Dad at Mt. Tam

Me at Mt. Tam 1

Me at Mt. Tam 2

Me with Frank and Jess in San Rafael

Dad and I at the North Face Outlet

At the House of Nan King


Me and some Green Tea


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