Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Off to Monterey

Friday we rented another ZipCar and I drove to work and dropped my parents off. Then I wanted to hang out with them so we just went to Starbucks for a bit. :) Then my parents wandered around LDAC a bit and I went to work for a bit. After that we had lunch and then took off to Big Sur.

We went via Santa Cruz, which actually kinda sucked! The boardwalk there was not classy or old-school, or even very cool or nostalgic. It was just tacky-town, no good food, just junk and cheap ice cream and weird people. Boo!!!! So that was reasonably terrible, but I bought a nice ice cream on the way out and continued on the highway... and then we got stopped for ages by a bunch of traffic. :) We were worried we were going to miss the nice arrival and hors d'oeuvres at the Bed and Breakfast, so I booted it along the highway and we made it reasonably on time.

On arrival the hosts were very nice, introduced us to everyone else, and then thank goodness some of the tasty hors d'oeuvres were still there. :) We had some snacks and relaxed and then I had a bath before dinner. Our room was in the Jabberwock Inn, which is this very strange and funny themed Bed and Breakfast, it is based on a Lewis Carroll poem, and so lots of cool and weird artwork in there.

Getting a ZipCar

Thank goodness the gas is included in the rental price

Haha, Yikes indeed.

Having Coffee with my Dad at work

Haha laughing about something


My work

I love this place

The roller coaster in Santa Cruz

Super tacky, and huge doughtnuts

Mom and Dad walking down this tacky boardwalk

The refreshment fridge at the Bed and Breakfast

Hors d'Oeuvres at the Jabberwock Inn

Haha funny decorative duck in the pond

Me chillin'

View from our window

An in-room jacuzzi!!

Amazing room

Cool art on the walls of the bathroom

Cool Jelly Belly machine

Nice artwork on the teapots

Chillin' after dinner

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