Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pre-Birthday dinner

On Monday we just relaxed and chatted a bunch, walked around a bit and did some more work in my apartment.

I went to a framing store to get some custom framing done on an amazing original art print from Pixar that I got back when I was an intern.

Monday night we went out to Khan Toke, a really nice Thai food place! This was for my pre-birthday dinner!! Also my Mom and Dad gave me a nice card, the "To Infinity and Beyond" Pixar history book (I am in 2 of the photos in that book, crazy eh?!?!?!) and they paid for some of my custom framing for my Cars print. Awesome. I got a present from my sister too, and it is suuuuper cool, it's a really fancy pottery dish to use on my kitchen table and for guests, it is awesome.

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