Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toyota's new electric car production

Something I used to tell people a lot was that if special effects and movies weren't so FREAKIN' COOL, I would have gone into Electrical Engineering instead of Computer Science... for the purposes of alternative fuel research. I still find this stuff frickin' so crazy and interesting and awesomely important.

A few months ago I posted some details about the Honda FCX Clarity, the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell car which is being road tested in Los Angeles area this year. My buddy Kurt said he wanted to sign up for it, actually, but it was only in the Santa Monica Area, and I think he lives in North Hollywood. Pretty cool stuff.

I saw this article today saying that Toyota is planning 2 new Hybrids for 2009. They are also boosting research and development on Lithium-Ion battery production and a new post Lithium-Ion battery technology. This stuff is so awesome.

Check out the article here!

Pretty awesome stuff.

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