Monday, June 09, 2008

Mike Jutan quote in the Waterloo Alumni Magazine

Haha, some of my friends just told me they saw a quote from me and my name in the Spring 2008 University of Waterloo Alumni Magazine. Huh?!! I had no idea what anyone was talking about, but today the magazine arrived here at my apartment and suddenly it all makes sense.

It's a quote from the "We Love Brucey" Facebook group, a group in appreciation of one of the most fantastic and inspirational WWII History Professors possibly to ever walk the planet. I took Prof. Bruce's History of the Holocaust class and it was undoubtedly one of the most powerful, intense, painful and inspirational classes I took at Waterloo. He is a heck of a great Professor, and looks like my quote is quite fitting.


These professors and their colleagues are committed to making history come alive. While readings and lectures remain important tools, their teaching tool kit is packed with other devices to connect students to the past so they can better understand, as Hunt puts it, "the road map of how society has evolved, and why we're at where we're at, right now."

And so these students examine art, stained glass, architecture, monuments, and novels. They travel to where historic events took place. They act out scenes from the past, using historical records as their scripts.

And, in return, the students embrace the study of history with the enthusiasm usually reserved for indie bands. "We Love Brucey" proclaims a Facebook fansite for East German and Second World War specialist Gary Bruce. Typical is a post from student Mike Jutan. "Man that course was AWESOME. Props to Brucey."

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