Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorting out the flights

Today was awesome. This morning I got up and sorted out our flights. Due to the previous commotion with SAA in New York (as I mentioned in the previous post), we ended up on a different flight on the way to Jo'Burg. Turns out the computer system thought that since we had changed flights, we were still in Dakar and didn't make it to Johannesburg, so it automatically cancelled our return flight!!!!!!!! Insane. Anyway I called and the nice lady at the SAA Jo'Burg office sorted it out for us and got us both back on the flight.

I was pretty concerned about it as I got an email from Expedia last night saying there had been a change to our itinerary and something had been cancelled... man that was nuts.

Anyway after some worry and then calling a few people, I got it all sorted out. :)

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