Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday night sushi + breakdancing

This whole weekend was freakin' awesome. The awesomeness started off on Friday night (or, more correctly, continued throughout the workday, then progressed into the evening)... I went out to my friend Liz's birthday party. I met about 15 of her friends and we all hit up Mas Sake which is a Sushi place that is quite walkable from work, and it was tasty/awesome. It was a bit pricey, but good food and good times. There was some sort of garlic beef appetizer thing that was freakin' sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Much food continued, followed by an evening of bustin' some sick moves on the dance floor at this bar called "Harlot" (seriously) in SOMA in San Francisco. Harlot was kinda re-donk-ulous really, and started off kinda awkwardly. The bouncer looked somewhat like Dog the Bounty Hunter, and told the 3 guys in our group that we looked "too casual" - although we were all wearing dressy "casual" shoes and long-sleeved collar shirts. I think it was my North Face Jacket that did me in... apparently they are not keen on performance outerwear in the SOMA district? Note to self, Gore-Tex = not allowed into clubs. It was funny that the bouncer had such a jerk-like attitude for a club that was kindof in a cold alleyway with a glorious view of a dumpster and an abandoned parking lot. Haha.

But after that commotion we got in, and it was great. Good tunes, good times, and I chatted with a bunch of the people there. Liz and her friends had a great time and it was cool to hang with everyone, and a few of the dudes worked at VMWare and knew some of the Waterloo guys that I know who work there. Word. Anyway after some robot and some hip hop dance flava, I headed back. I walked outta the club and the "taxi" dude had one of those fancy limo cabs. I told him where I wanted to go and he said, "Sure" and thank goodness I was sharp enough to ask how much it was back to my apartment... $30?! Ouch. Realizing I was literally about a 3 min walk from Market St, I headed back there in search of a real cab, and found a MUNI Bus instantly. Beautiful. $1.50 later, I was safe and sound back in my apartment. Yes!

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