Monday, June 30, 2008

Day with Granny, Shopping, and Steak Dinner

This morning, Jimmy dropped us off at Granny Leah's house and we spent several hours there. It was so great. I am pretty sure that was our first long in-person conversation with our Grandma EVER. So it was totally amazing.

She gave us WAY too much food, and we helped make lunch. I chopped veggies for the salad, and also fine-tooth combed the flat for stuff that was broken or things that she would need for her house, but might not remember to tell us.

Granny's super excited friend Ruby came over later and she was very nice, she also made us some muffins!

After a nice long visit, we came back to Mookie's house via an amazing grocery store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was soooo good and sooooooooooooo cheap! We bought dried mango, borewors, dried guava, the whole lot.

This evening we went out for dinner to Founders Grill with Cyril Donniger and his wife. It was very very interesing to hear about the family tree. The food was just fantasic and the stories were cool and hilarious. Awesome times.

Granny's temperamental cat


Granny and Norm chatting

Soup from Granny's neghbour

Norm and Ruby

Beurowors, classic SA food

Biltong, the other classic SA food

Koeksisters!!!!!!!! These are like small honey doughnut pastries

Norm and a HUGE Avocado

Pawpaws, so good!! Like a USA Papaya.

Super weird!??!?!? Bring your own bottle to fill up... with Milk?!

Me, Norm, and the security guard

More Biltong

Amazing skewers

Sweet purchases, this was all $20!!!!! Amazing.

Out with Cyril and his wife

Mm... steak

Another one with everybody

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