Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My 26th Birthday!!

On Wednesday last week, it was my 26th Birthday!!

It was totally awesome. At work a whole bunch of us went out for lunch, and my team bought me a super cool Indiana Jones hat!! That was amazing.

In the evening a bunch of us went to Pres a Vi for a White Russian or two. :) Then off to a bad movie night where we watched a bad movie and made jokes and yelled at the screen, that was fantastic. Then off to The Grove, a nice cafe place in the Marina to get some food and chill for a while. A bunch of people met us there, and I had a great time! Then we continued on to Monighan's, and Irish Pub, where we stayed until almost 2am. Awesome.

What a great birthday, and it was awesome that so many cool friends from work showed up!!

Me and Stephan

Henri, Alex and Jianmin

Nick, James, Henri and Cary

Me and Stephan

Yisheng, Cary, John and I

Mmm... burger

Awesome hat I got as a present from my team!!!

Wall-E Toys I bought for myself

Awesome, I UV Mapped the real versions of those trash cubes!!!


More awesome Wall-E toys

David, Jeff, David and Alex at Pres a Vi

Me with a fancy White Russian at Pres a Vi

Jacob and Kat at The Grove

Awesome times

Haha a classic Josh pose

Me with Kat and Jacob


David, Josh, Me, Kyle and Aliza at Monighan's, good times!!

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