Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wall-E Wrap Party

Saturday was the Wall-E Crew Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing. What an awesome event, and it was super cool of Pixar to invite me since I was on the crew, but I don't work there anymore. Pretty awesome stuff!!!

I had a pre-Wall-E party at my apartment, had some random food and stuff. Sarah and her brother Ben drove me around in the morning and helped me get some groceries which rocked. Kurt and Nathan arrived and that was great, they stayed at my apartment over the weekend. Everyone else arrived a bit later and we got cabs to the Masonic Theater where it was showing.

The party started with some speeches by John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, and then some more speeches and a hilarious "Thank You" song by Andrew Stanton, the director of Wall-E. Jim Morris and the other producer of Wall-E also gave a speech.

Then we watched the new short film that plays before Wall-E, and the movie!!!!!! I won't give any details about it now because it doesn't come out for 3 weeks so I don't think we can talk about it. Also I don't want to give away the movie because it is one of Pixar's BEST FILMS YET. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to see the final product, and tons of my work is in it!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! It's so amazing. My basketball globe that made an appearance in the trailers is now in full force in the movie, you see it in a whole bunch of shots. My "spikey heart", fire hydrant, and tons of other work I did is quite large on screen too. The UV Mapping on the garbage and the garbage cubes looks particularly good too, in my humble opinion. :) Awesome!!!!!!!!!

My credit this time is under the Sets Department, in the "Technical Interns" section. It says "Michael Jutan" this time, not "Mike Jutan", so Mom and Dad ought to be proud that they used my full name this time. :)

The movie was AMAZING. And the party was fantastic too. Great food, and awesome times. I ran into a bazillion old friends and co-workers from Pixar, and I FINALLY got a photo with my hero Pete Docter, the director of Monsters, Inc. :) Awesome times.

Pre-Wall-E party at my apartment

Nathaaaaan Mattssuuuuda!!!!!!!!

Kurt thought it would be a good idea to cover his hand in my silly putty


Kurt is insane


Jon, Angelique, Amanda and Jake getting ready for the show!!

Sooooo excited!!!!!!!

Yo!! It's T. Quintas!!!!!!!!

Me and Kimberly Clark, aka Honey from The Incredibles... "Whyyy do you nneeeed to knnnow?!!!"

B-Dwy on the phone

Me and Andrew

Jess getting some food

Hey, it's S. Frank!!!!!

Phelpsin' it, Me, and N. Lucas!!

Haha we are awesome

Me and Kev

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh maaaaaaaaaan!! Best photo of the night/year!!!!!!! Me with Pete Docter, the legendary director of Monsters, Inc, the best film of all time!!!!!!!

Me and Guido!!!!!!!

Kurt, Me, and Ralph Eggleston talking to Chris behind us

Me, Jaime and Kurt

Me and Brooksie

Brooksie tearin' up the dance floor

Some sweet dance moves over here

Me rockin' the platform with Veronica

Frank taking photos

What a party!!!!!

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