Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Indiana Jones, Ferry Building, Mel's Drive In

On the Saturday, we went off to the Ferry Building early and got the usual - Blue Bottle Coffee, Chicken and Frog Hollow Farms fruit tarts (so good)!!

From there we went to see Indiana Jones at the movie theatre and it was just as awesome the 2nd time!!!!!!! :)

Then we got the car rental, and drove to Daly City the scenic way (and ended up in Millbrae), haha, so we drove back on 280 and finally found the Target so we could buy a bunch of stuff I needed.

Finally we went to Mel's Drive In for dinner at about 10pm. :)

Fruit stands at the market

Me buying Blue Bottle Coffee again

Cool bird at the water

Fruit tarts

Roast Beef Sushi

Me and an Indiana Jones sign

Mom and Dad at the little French cafe place in the mall

Awesome Wall-E Garbage Cube that I UV Mapped!!

Wall-E and Eve ad at the movie theatre

Indy ad

Kung Fu Panda ad

Another Wall-E ad

Me and a Wall-E poster again

Now Showing... Indiana Jones in 1000 theatres :)

Haha so many Indy screenings

Hehe "Indy Whopper"!!! Bite Into Adventure!!!! :)

Mom, Dad, and our Apple Pie with Cheese on it?!

Mom and Dad at Mel's

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