Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dad's birthday at Chapeau

In the morning and early afternoon on my Dad's birthday, we had the Indy Crew Party, and it was awesome. I'll have to ask at work to see if I can post photos from it, but it was suuuper cool.

In the afternoon I went out for tea with my parents and then in the evening we went to Chapeau, a reaaaaaaally fancy French restaurant. It was totally amazing. I got a French Onion Soup, Fillet Minion and Creme Brulee. My Dad got Lamb, and my Mom got Brie, Lamb and Sorbet.

It was one of the best and fanciest dinners I've ever had!!

Mom and Dad at the restaurant

Tasty honey yam soup we got to taste

Me and a glass of Kir

Mom's Brie tart appetizer

My appetizer, French Onion Soup

Fillet Minion

Sorbet for dessert

Ammaaaaaaaaazing Creme Brulee for dessert

Hahaha - I was reading the bill, but my Mom caught this photo of me looking like I'm about to fall out of my chair :)

My Mom wearing the hat that the bill came in

Me and a Wall-E poster!

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