Monday, December 10, 2007

Another busy weekend

This weekend was nuts!! Again, totally amazing, but sooooooo crazy. Friday night was the Cinematic Titanic premiere at ILM, and afterwards I hung out with the cast of the show and some fellow co-workers. Yes, it was AWESOME. :)

Saturday was a chill day, laundry, chatting with my neighbours... and then the BIGGEST LUCASFILM PARTY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!!! It was just AMAZING. It's kinda late now so I'll blog photos tomorrow. But maaaaaaaaaaaaaan it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it, loved it, loved it. Definitely the best part yet. Fantastic.

Today was crazy too. I got up and went right to the JCC to volunteer for the "JCCSF Chanukkah Kids Fair", and did my best to entertain (and play the classic "dreidel game" with) a whole bunch of crazy kids running around and over-excited and noisy and crazy. It was awesome. That was great and then I biked home, and 30 min later Rachel, Justin, Matt and Orion showed up at my place for a Chanukkah dinner/latke making party I was having for them!! Fun times.

I have lots of photos and videos, I'll post them soon.

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