Thursday, December 27, 2007

Goodbye Vegas, Hello Canada!

And... I'm back in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegas was fun but soooo crazy. It was a really good idea to balance the craziness/lights/action/people/insanity/crowds/gambling/noise in Vegas with the quiet/calm/nature of Red Rocks every other day, and the trip to the Grand Canyon too.

I headed out of Vegas this morning and found FREE internet at the Vegas Airport which was a BIG surprise since everything else in Vegas is 2x the regular price anywhere else.

It was a long and eventful and crazy flight, I eventually got to Detroit and then wasn't able to switch onto an earlier bus so I had to wait for a couple hours and didn't realize that all the good food and exciting stuff at Detroit airport is on the other side of the security gate. Oh well. Then headed back to London on the bus and chatted to a really interesting girl from Denmark who goes to school at Western for the entire bus ride back. Good times.

I got home and my parents are soooooooo happy to see me, and my sister was so tired she had already gone to bed. Tomorrow my sister Norma and I have the time-honoured tradition of going to the mall and laughing at people getting worked up during crazy Boxing Day shopping, making fun of random people, and generally laughing at the insane consumerism. Oh yeah, and some Koya Japan for lunch, of course. I can't wait.

So now it's pretty late in EST time, so I better get some sleep. Norm is going to want 110% of my attention tomorrow, all day, schlepping around the mall (haha). I can't wait, but yeah I am going to need some decent sleep to brave the crowds tomorrow.

Looks like the plans are finally falling together for New Years in Toronto. Sweet.

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