Thursday, December 20, 2007

Partying like a rockstar in Sacramento

Sacramento, Sactown, S-Tow, S-Mento... the town, it has many names. But the winning name this past weekend was most certainly Sacra-"mental". It was... freaaaakin' crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, why the trip to Sacramento?

Well there was a time where the famed Mike Jutan was in the famed city of Paris, France. This just so happened to be on or around May, 2007. Now in this beautiful city of wonder, Mike stayed in a hostel of wonder for many, many, many nights. It was nothing short of glorious. Now, who did he run into but a crazy/wild/tiny bundle of explosive excitement, who just so happened to be at school in Oxford (where the famed Mike Jutan also lived) but actually lives in Sacramento, California (2 hours from where the famed Mike Jutan now lives)... ok, you still with me? Or should I stop talking in this weird 3-person emo style?!?

Ok anyway, this hilariously awesome character is of course the famed (there's that word again) Anna, and I went up to Sacra-mental to visit Anna, see the town, bust a glorious move on the dance floor, and rock it out fierce with my "bro" Orion while I was at it (he lives in Lincoln, which is near Sacramental)

Anyhoo. It was freaaaaaaaaakin' sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!! I think the photos speak for most of it, but I had a freakin' amazing time. We met up with Anna on Friday night and took off to a sweeeeet hip hop club, we were breakin' it down (literally) on the dance floor, getting props from dudes with grillz and dreadlocks, it was awesome. Apparently Sacramento knows how to rock the party?!??! Yes, I think so.

That night was amazing, we really had fun and then went to this good food place afterwards. Good times.

Saturday I drove through the country with Orion, to Colfax, drove through Grass Valley, met some artists in Nevada City, and so on. It was awesome. Then in the evening, back to Sacramento and we started at a pub but that lasted about 10 minutes before it became more than obvious that we were going to bust a move all night again. So we found this other random club that was interesting and went there and it was also AWESOME!!! We definitely made it fun just with the group of crazies that were there with us, but yeah, the vibe in Sacramento is really good. Sweet deals!!

Sunday a lot of sleeping and then I headed back to San Francisco on the train. Good stuff.

And now for a bazillion photos.


I still love this move, I suppose...

Mmm hmm... representin' with O to the Rizzle

Good times

Siiiiiiiick Ferrari parked outside where we got food.

Orion's place

Sweet Paradigm speaker set


Me workin' Orion's car

Coffee place

Chillin' over coffee

U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!!!!!

Driving through the country

Workin' it, as usual


Hilarious ad

Nevada City

Hahaha "You Bet Rd."?!?!?!?

Horse and Carriage

Nevada City at night

This is the stop sign we were expecting to see and follow the sign attached to it

Food time

Boom!! Multiple stamps!!

Rockin' the floor with Anna's friend Danielle

Haha they thought we were nuts

Me bustin' a move

Mmm hmmmm

O-Riz workin' it

Me pretend air-dropping Orion

Ooooooooh!!! Haha pretending to flying elbow drop Orion

Arrrrr, pretending to be pirates. We did this exact photo at the Eiffel Tower, and I totally forget why we were being pirates. Anyway, we obviously had to re-enact it.

Arrrrrrh, matey!!!!!!

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