Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm in Vegas!!!!!

So... I'm in Vegas for the first time ever.

It's... INSANE.

I am alternating between days of standing in disbelief at all the insanity/lights/crazyness/excess/excitement here, and rock climbing in the wilderness in Red Rocks outside of Vegas.

I am out here traveling with John, an old friend/climbing fiend from work in Toronto and he is a total climbing nut so he had a great idea to come out here to Vegas. Neither of us had to be with our families over Christmas since our holidays were a few weeks ago, so it made it a perfect time for this climbing/Vegas/Grand Canyon trip.

The plan is to stay in Vegas for 4 nights, and we are alternating between Vegas stuff one day and then Rock Climbing the next day. Pretty awesome so far. This is the 3rd night. Tomorrow more climbing and then off to the Grand Canyon.

Apparently the Hoover Dam is on the way to the Grand Canyon so we are going to go there too!!!!! Man that is awesome. Then a night at the Grand Canyon and then back here to Vegas for another night or two before heading back to Canada. John takes off right after that with his kids for part 2 of his vacation which sounds exciting. I am going back to Canada and going to spend time with my family and friends and I am soooo psyched for it. Good times.

Anyway I've got a bazillion photos and videos to post already... more blog posts coming soon.

Btw this is the only time I think I'll have internet for the next week, so I'll try to post lots tonight.

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