Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chanukkah Latke making party at my apartment

Sunday night I had a latke making party at my house. Matt, Orion, Rachel and Justin came over and we made latkes!!!! It was awesome and sooooooooooo much easier when you have 4 people helping you make them!! The latkes were a big hit, and we also had some challah, Maneshewitz wine, chocolate money... good times. I lit the Chanukkah candles and told everyone about their significance, explained the dreidel and the dreidel game, and Matt "lit" my Starbucks chocolate menorah for the evening. :) haha good times.

We chilled for a while and everyone was really helpful with the food and also the cleanup (which was AWESOME!!) Good times!!!!!!!

Gatobet and Orizzle

Rachel in a cool Rockstar Games Table Tennis sweatshirt

Table setup with confetti!!

Thank goodness for Rachel's food processor

Potato ready to squeeze

Hand-squeezing the water out of the potatoes

Workin' it

Our eyes are watering from cutting the onions

Mixing in the eggs

Here comes the first batch!!

Workin' my new JCCSF shirt

Latke fry-master

Mmm... latkes

Matt taking the first bite

Preparing the table

Me lighting the candles

Chanukkah at my new apartment!!!! Wahoo!!!!

Video of the latke fiesta

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