Friday, December 28, 2007

Post #901, the 400th Post of 2007

I just noticed that I'd posted 399 posts this calendar year and I wanted to give some love to this post and make it feel special. :) Anyway yeah, looks like this year has been a year of mad blogging.

I started the blog in April 2005 when I was moving to San Francisco for the first time, and posted 206 times in 2005, then 295 in 2006.

This year was a busy one, finishing my 5 years of school, graduating, backpacking in Europe for 3 months, the start of the "Mike Jutan in Europe" video blogging/YouTube series, and then of course, moving to San Francisco for my first full-time, post-University job!! Pretty awesome stuff. So it's been a crazy year, and thanks to all you eager Jutan Clan blog readers. You guys are nuts/awesome. I can't believe that photos of the food I ate for dinner, pictures of me in random places and the odd political/social trend rant mixed with some movie reviews is garnering this much attention. Thank you for your emails and as always, if you keep readin', I'll keep writin'.

Cheers to another year of me bloggin' like a fiend, and you kind/awesome peeps wanting to keep in touch with me and my life. I hope you all had good times with your families over the break and you all have a Happy New Year. Rock and roll.

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