Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frank and Jess's Wedding: Pre-Wedding

In the morning of Frank and Jess's wedding, we got up and Taylor, Kevin and I took off to this nice park near the hotel to go exploring for an hour or two before we had to meet everyone else. It was really nice, the weather was great, and it was a great idea to go and look around and explore a bit rather than wasting time in the hotel room. So that ROCKED. Then we went to FREEBIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a famous Texas Burrito restaurant which Jake talked about ALL THE TIME, so I was really happy to finally get a chance to try it out. It was really good. I got this steak burrito and I got a Freebirds T-Shirt which has a Texas flag on the back. Good stuff.

Then we went to the church early to get dressed in our tuxedos and get a whole bunch of photos taken well before the wedding.

Beautiful park in Houston

Monument of Sam Houston

Something that looked a lot like the Washington Monument

A really weird duck

Kev and Taylor rockin' it

Walking in the Japanese Garden

Cool little bird

More awesome trees

Kindof an awesome photo of me, if I might be so bold :)

Another one of me standing in the cool forest area

Freebirds Burrito restaurant!!!!!!

A comic book/toy store where we wasted some time while waiting for people

Frank and Nate

Me and Josh

Getting ready to put on our tuxedos

Nate without his glasses, me with Nate's glasses, and Jon

Looking sharp!!!

Frank relaxing before his big moment

The boyeeez

Me and Frank

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