Friday, December 14, 2007

Jones Soda Chanukkah flavour tasting report, Round 3

Ok, I couldn't wait. I'm drinking the Latke flavoured soda right now and it's pretty gross/terrible! Awesome!! I pretty much expected that, this one for some reason has almost no sugar in it, and a bunch of salt. Weird. At first I thought it tasted a lot like sparkling water, which isn't bad, but didn't taste a whole lot like latkes. Now I can see it deffffinitely has a weird aftertaste, and it is pretty potato style. Gross!!! But still, good times. These Jones Soda "weird flavours" are a lot like those Bertie Botts weird flavoured Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly/Harry Potter. Gross, but who wouldn't want to try a "Grass" or "Ear Wax" flavoured jelly bean?! Yeah, I know. I'm still pretty much 5 years old.

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