Thursday, December 27, 2007

Grand Canyon Day 2

Day 2 in the Grand Canyon we went to a bunch more lookouts, and it was really cool. We had a few short walks, and met some South Africans who live in Toronto (awesome), and then headed out of the park. We stopped for some food at one of the only places that was open on Christmas Day and continued back all the way to Vegas. I drove the majority of the way which was great, the Honda Accord we rented was awesome and I was pretty happy that I could handle such a long drive. It was about 220 miles or so, I drove all the way from Williams, Arizona back to Las Vegas. Sweet!!

Williams, Arizona back to Las Vegas, Nevada

It was nice to see more of the Grand Canyon from different areas and then the drive back was really fun and the scenery was great.

Grand Canyon 1

Grand Canyon 2

Me at the Grand Canyon

Me and John at the Grand Canyon

Crazy walking trails down the Grand Canyon

Scary sign

Me at the Grand Canyon


Another cool pic

This was sooooooooo cool


Hilarious Flintstones campground on the way back to Vegas

Haha Flintstones campground

John wondering why I keep taking photos of our lunch

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